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How to distinguish the good olive oil

Many of you have found in the unpleasant situation to buy the olive oil for fresh extra virgin olive oil but eventually found that you got "pig in a poke" as we say in Greece. Now we'll give you some simple instructions-steps to be able to distinguish the quality of olive oil you buy...

Basic principle: "We understand the olive oil with the nose and tongue. Not with the throat".

So say the old farmers with the unerring experience and we must not forget this. So when you choose olive oil, look for the good smell and taste and not so if it is ... spicy in your throat.

1ststep - Odor

With reverence and love to the blessed product we approach our noses (almost touching the mouth of the pot with olive oil) and trying literally, with half-closed eyes, to smell it. If the olive oil is fresh, you will be flooded with vibrant flavors of olive and nature, as if it came out at that time by the oil mill.

On The Contrary

If you taste annoying odors, like mold, that remind you of spoiled cheese, enamel/varnish, or burned oil then start wary with the “olive oil”' you are going to buy because it is neither virgin nor fresh. To help you remember it is how you smell the oil that you've forgotten for more than a year in a can or bottle. Unpleasant odors are important downside of olive oil and products with such odors should be avoided.

Highlight: In practice, if the odor is unpleasant, your nose will begin to have trouble in the second inhalation and you will have to move away.

2nd step - Taste

Put the olive oil in a small glass. The method to test the olive oil with your finger is not capable for safe conclusions. Ensure that the olive oil is not frozen during the test. For this reason "embrace" the glass with your palms for 1-2 minutes in order to increase the temperature and to release more elements of olive oil. Then try with small sips and with your tongue fill all your oral cavity. Start to feel the first flavors on the tongue and then your palate for 2 seconds before you swallow. You must taste the alternation of bittersweet flavor. When the color of the olive oil is green (i.e. from green fruits) it dominates the bitter-spicy-peppery taste which is typical of the "Koroneiki" variety. By contrast the sweet taste dominates when the fruit is ripe and black and usually is characteristic of the variety "Manaki".

1st highlight: the bitter-spicy-peppery flavor of green olive oil is feature of extra virgin olive oils and in any case is not considered a defect. On the contrary, you should be aware that the green olive oil not only are more durable but contain more valuable ingredients and more antioxidants, which as we know is anti-cancer.

2nd highlight: As you swallow the olive oil you may feel a slight "burning" in your neck. This should not bother you at all, as all the fresh olive oil (more or less) will leave you this sensation for a while.

On The Contrary

If you feel uncomfortable taste like "tingling", for convenience remember what flavor was the olive oil that comes out on the plate of fried chops if you eat the next day, or bring in your mind when you eat poor quality cheese, cream etc.

If you feel in your mouth loud and unbearable bitter taste, such as when you swallow a bitter medicine or grapes (grapefruit) without sugar, or if you come out on the tongue, the palate or lips a taste like lubricants, detergents, then it is anything other than extra virgin olive oil and it is good to avoid.

3rd step - Color

While color is not a direct criterion of the quality of olive oil, however, from this we understand if olive oil is fresh harvest.

Color, either greenish or golden yellow, in fresh olive oils are very intense, vivid and alive with a slight refraction when illuminated, like a gentle blur.

On the contrary, if the olive oil is exposed to high temperatures, especially in the summer, or too old (not done as the old wine), then it "cuts", i.e. color and density of the olive oil is slimmer. The olive oil becomes so clear that you can see through the bottle, like it gives you the feeling of colored water.