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Goods of olive oil


The Mediterranean diet, whose basic ingredient is olive oil and olive products in general, is regarded as one of the standards of more balanced diet while its contribution to health and longevity is indisputable. It is not a fashion as some think, but grounded knowledge, which confirmed with current means, that they knew people for thousands of years and we have buried beneath the "fast food".


Like all agricultural products, olives and olive oil are different from place to place, even within a region (e.g. mountain).

In Greece there is the ideal combination of sunshine and high altitude, mainly in mountainous and hilly areas where olives are sundried and more ventilated and protected in a natural way by diseases. Also, the soil and the water seems to be the most suitable for the olive tree. So we all admit that the Greek olives and olive oil are at the top in terms of quality and nutritional value. And that is the truth!


There is a myth about cooking and especially frying, who wants the seed oils best suited for this purpose. This is wrong.

Olive oil withstands much more than other fats in high temperatures and stays longer unbreakable thanks to many monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E which contains.

So, we cook healthier and we can use the same olive oil to fry at high temperatures many times without getting "burned" the olive oil, as it is made with vegetable oils.

To make better use of an extra virgin olive oil we can add at the end of cooking in a pan or in the oven.


Many scientific studies have proven that the olive tree and olive oil, have a beneficial effect on the body and help effectively in helping the body to maintain health and prevent diseases or injuries.

The list is long, but worth knowing:


The systematic consumption of olive oil reduces the systolic and the diastolic pressure (probably, by the reduction of nitric oxide, causing polyphenols).


The monounsaturated fatty acids, contained primarily in olive oil reduce the "bad" cholesterol (LDL) and increase "good" (HDL). In contrast, polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as vegetable oils and margarines, decrease along with the bad cholesterol and the good, which acts as a shield for the organization. The beneficial effect on heart disease is not limited to the initial prevention, but prevents a repeat cardiac episodes.


Many research studies have establish terms, that the diet with olives and olive oil, protects the body from various malignant tumors. This is achieved by fighting free radicals from the antioxidant action, which is derived from the phenols. Only Virgin olive oil, the olive oil that has not been treated (refining) is particularly rich in these substances, with the result that protects from damage, which cause free radicals and consequently the creation of cancer.


The rich in olives and olive oil diet, is not only a very good alternative for the treatment of diabetes, but helps to delay onset of the disease. These properties have accepted in surveys for juvenile diabetes and adult diabetes.


Recent surveys have shown that olive fatty acids play an important role in various immune functions.


According to the results of a recent study, people who use in their diet high levels of consumption of olives and olive oil, are significantly less likely to develop the disease (2.5 times). The French Institute INRA discovered that polyphenols contained in olive, fight inflammation in bones.


Olive oil has a favorable effect on all the organs of the digestive system. Ensures good digestion in the stomach, normalizes the function of bile and prevents gallstones. It "coordinates" pancreatic function, stimulates the absorption of certain substances (such as calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.) and has a slight laxative effect. In medical practice, spoon olive oil given to combat gallstones, as well as for the treatment of constipation, with very good results, according to testimonies and written treatments, doctors 'practices' in the countryside.


The ingredients of olives, have a very favorable effect on the absorption of calcium, both during development and for combating osteoporosis.


The rich in olives and olive oil diet, can prevent memory loss in healthy elderly and to drastically reduce the likelihood of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.


Old age, gradually leading to structural and functional diseases of the skin. Olives and olive oil, apart from the polyphenols, have a large proportion of vitamins A, D, E, K & key basic ingredients for free radicals, which cause the oxidation of cells. That is why they are a very useful tool for preventing and treating many skin diseases.


The fetus takes vitamin E to develop. The newborn having antioxidant shield, after entering in an oxygen atmosphere.

This is why it is essential part of the diet of the pregnant and nursing mother's. Vitamin E is also recommended for preterm infants, which present problems in the liver and the pancreas.

The scanty in amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids containing olive oil is this miraculous and necessary for the protection of our health as well, especially in olive oil, linelaiko and-linolenic acid coexist in a perfect relationship, similar to that we get our milk from the breast.


Olive oil, like all other fats, contain a lot of calories (9 kcal per g). However, it has been observed that the people who consume olive oil instead of other fats, have fewer cases of obesity.