Mylos Estates


For many years, stone mills did a remarkable job of crushing fresh olives in a way that released the oils from the fruit, retained the flavor and created a product that could be used and consumed in many ways. The image of the grinding stone and screw press is so tied to the romance and history of olive oil. However, this traditional method needs a longer period of time period between harvest and pressing, it requires more manual labor, the cycle is not continuous, and the filter mats can easily become contaminated.

New Generation

A new modern laboratory has been developed, where the quality control of our products takes place. The laboratory of Mylos Estates Olive Oil is fully certified by the Greek Authority.

The production, packaging and bottling line of Mylos Estates Olive Oil is located in an area of 500 m2, where there is mechanical equipment of the latest technology. Automatic production line has the capacity to 10,000 Kg of Olive Oil per day.